Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Illusion of Kitchen Space

The kitchen is the beating heart of many a home. So many wonderful hours are spent around the kitchen table enjoying the company of good friends and family, that it is only natural you will want your kitchen to look it’s best. However, if your kitchen is small, it can be difficult to truly feel comfy in there.

Not only that but, one thing anyone in your local real estate office will tell you is that the bigger a kitchen appears to be, the more interested the buyer, which is why gives you another reason why you should try out the following tips that’ll make your kitchen look larger:

Use One Color

Rooms that are decorated primarily in one neutral tone tend to look much more spacious than those that are brightly colored or have multiple colors dotted around. You don’t have to exactly match the color of your cabinets to the walls, but if they’re of a similar hue, you’ll certainly notice how much larger your kitchen feels.

Vertical Patterns

If you want your kitchen to feel taller than it really is, the best thing you can possibly do is to add some vertical stripes or geometrically patterned wallpaper to the room. Both of these things will draw the eye from floor to ceiling, which, of course, makes the kitchen feel much bigger.


If your kitchen if overflowing with every gadget known to man, you have dishes in the sink and there’s all manner of general clutter lying around, it is going to look smaller and more cramped than it actually is with no exceptions. Unfortunately, that means that you’re going to have to spend the weekend decluttering. Make a list of everything you have in the kitchen, and work out what you need, what you want and what can be donated or tossed in the trash. Once you’ve had a good clear-out, you’ll feel better and really notice the difference in the kitchen.

Lots of Light

Have you noticed that the darker a room is, the smaller and more closed in it starts to feel? By flooding your kitchen with as much light as possible, whether that be by adding bigger windows, installing more light fittings or using more glass, you will give the room a light, and airy feel that you, and any potential buyers, will love.

Make it Shine

You probably know that placing a mirror in a small room will make it appear bigger, but did you know that shiny surfaces can do much the same thing? Choosing shiny marble countertops, glossy floor tiles and chrome appliances will all help to reflect light and make your kitchen feel immediately bigger.

Glass Shelving

Following on from the inclusion of shiny surfaces, if you need shelves in your kitchen [and who doesn’t], it is much better to install glass cabinets or shelving units, which don’t darken the room, reflect light and create cleaner lines. Just make sure you dust them regularly!

Do you have a small kitchen? What are your tops tips for making it look and feel more spacious than it really is?

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