Wednesday, 29 November 2017

How to Make the Most Money Out of Selling Your Home

If you’ve decided it’s time to sell your home, regardless of whether you are moving into a larger place or downsizing, you’ll want to maximize the amount of cash you receive. Follow these simple tips to make sure you squeeze every last penny out of the sale.

Keep it clean and tidy

In most cases, there is little point in going overboard with decorating in the lead up to selling your house, but it should look as clean and tidy as possible. Stick to neutral colors as much as possible, and remove as much furniture and clutter as you can. If the carpets are looking a little tired, consider having them professionally cleaned before you start showing people around.

Ideally, you want the home to look as though you still live there, but at the same time you also want potential buyers to be able to picture their own furniture and decorations inside. You also want your home to appear as spacious as possible so you might want to consider temporarily storing some of your furniture in a storage unit while the home is being shown.

Little touches like cleaning the baseboards, removing scuff marks from walls and peeling paint from wooden surfaces will all add to the impression that this is a home that has been well looked after and is therefore worth paying the price you are asking.

Choose the right agent

An increasing number of home buyers find their properties online so look for a real estate agent that has a significant online presence so you are exposed to as many potential purchasers as possible. You'll also want to ensure your agent prices your home correctly so that it doesn't sit around unsold for too long. The best agents are those who have lived in your local area for a decent length of time as they will have a greater level of understanding about the prevailing market conditions. The easier it is to sell your home, the more you may be able to negotiate with the agent over his or her commission.

See things from a buyer’s point of view

If your home is being marketed to developers or an individual who intends to rip out the interior and start over, you don't need to worry about fixing every little problem, but if your home is ideal for first time buyers, you'll want to ensure they can move right in without having to carry out any major repairs or renovations. First time buyers are likely to be in a more restrictive position finically, and will be put off the idea of taking on a money pit.

If your home is perfect for a young family, think about the timing of when you put it on the market. Houses generally sell more quickly in the spring and summer months as families like the idea of being settled into their new place before the start of the new school year. If such a home has been on the market for some time and is still there by Labor Day, you might want to wait until the following year. The number of ideal buyers will be far smaller during the fall, and you may find yourself selling for less than you originally planned.

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