Monday, 12 February 2018

Green House: Making Your Home a Little More Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, we are more aware than ever of the detrimental effects that our lifestyles are having on the planet we live on. Environments around the world are being greatly affected by the climate change that is being brought on by our irresponsible habits: polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, there’s are greater levels of air pollution than ever before, our oceans are filled with plastic… the list goes on and on. So, it’s important that you join the wider movement of living a more green and eco-friendly lifestyle. One of the easiest places to make changes is your own home. So, here are a few things that you can do to lend the planet a helping hand today! They may seem small, but they truly will make a profound difference if you stick to them.

Renewable Energy

Most properties are heavily reliant on the use of fossil fuels for energy. But we’re all well aware that this isn’t a sustainable source of fuel and is having extremely detrimental effects on our planet. So, it’s time to take action and make use of more renewable energies. Electricity is perhaps the easiest and most accessible. Make small changes, such as opting for electric oven over a gas oven. It may seem minor, but if everyone were to just do this, there would be a vast reduction in consumption of fossil fuels. You can find out more here to get the best rate possible. If you want to go all out, you can even produce your own energy by installing solar panels to your property.


An easy place to start when it comes to reducing the amount of waste that you send to landfill is recycling. All you need to do this is to invest in a household recycling bin with compartments for different items: paper, plastic, and metal are good options to start. Whenever you dispose of anything, make sure that it is deposited in the right compartment. These bins can be emptied individually by your local council and sent off to be made into something that can be used again. For items that can’t be recycled, you should have a bin for general household waste. However, make note of the items that end up in here and try to purchase greener options in the future.


Any potato peelings, leftover vegetables, tea bags, grass cuttings and other food waste that you produce can be used to make compost. Chances are that you won’t want a huge pile of compost down the end of your garden, so buy a good, compact compost bin. You can leave the compost to its own devices, and once it is ready, you can use it as a brilliant fertiliser for your garden. Perfect!

You may think that these steps are minor, but if they’re only minor, why not make them sooner rather than later? It doesn’t take much effort, but if everyone were to do their small part, the planet would be a lot better off. So lead by example and start making changes today!

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