Monday, 19 February 2018

Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean When Hosting a Party at Home

It’s always nice to have friends and family over and you’ve finally set the date for a dinner party at home. You are so excited when you begin inviting people, setting the menu, and perhaps even lining up a bit of entertainment in the process. While your home may be spacious enough to invite a sizeable crowd, the one thing you worry about is how to keep it clean while preparing a scrumptious meal. The kitchen is your greatest concern. Here are a few tips to help you plan and host the perfect dinner party without the stress of keeping your kitchen clean.

Prepare as Much as Possible in Advance

This is a standard bit of advice you will always see when looking for ways to host a stress-free party, but did you ever stop to think that preparing foods in advance is beneficial in more than one way? Not only will you have less mess on the day of your event, but some foods actually taste better when prepared the day before. Take potato salad, for example. Flavors from seasonings have more time to be absorbed by the potatoes if prepared the day before, so that’s just another reason to plan ahead.

Cook and Entertain Outdoors

If you live in colder climates, you may not be able to entertain outdoors in winter months, but you certainly can cook outdoors every season throughout the year. Smoked meats are always a big hit so why not check out reviews on to find a smoker you can easily work with outside in an uncovered area. Ventilation is essential, so whether entertaining outdoors or simply cooking outdoors, keep that smoke from filtering into your home.

Wash Your Prep Bowls and Utensils as You Go

If you get in the habit of washing all your prep dishes and utensils as you go, they won’t collect in the sink and on counters, making a total mess in your kitchen. How many times have you finally gotten the last item in the oven or on the stove only to turn around to a big, fat mess? Instead of leaving the cleanup to the last minute, take a few moments between each dish you are preparing to clean up before you start the next. Clean as you go.

Keep Everyone Out of the Kitchen While You Work

It goes without fail that the moment someone gets a whiff of those delicious foods you are preparing, wouldn’t you know they are suddenly starving! You may not be hosting the party until later that evening or even the following day, but you certainly don’t need someone fixing a sandwich or cooking a burger while you’re trying to keep space open for prepping your dinner. Make it understood that the kitchen is yours until after the party, and if they want something to snack on, McDonald’s is right down the street!

If you plan in advance, utilize outdoor space for entertaining, keep the dishes done as you go and keep everyone out of your way, it’s easier to keep your kitchen clean when hosting a party at home. If this doesn’t work, nothing will so don’t get so stressed you won’t enjoy the fruit of your labors. Perhaps that’s the best tip of all. Relax and enjoy.

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