Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Unusual Additions to a Cake That Taste Just Great

There's nothing tastier or more satisfying than a homemade cake, whether it's a traditional chocolate cake, Victoria sponge, Black Forest gateaux or Mississippi mud pie. Of course, with their high sugar and fat content they're not something you should eat every day, but as an occasional treat for you and your family, they just can't be beaten. One of the great things about making your own cake is that you can add your own ingredients and create something unique, and it's often the most unexpected ingredients that give us the most sublime tasting cake.


Chilli powder adds a perfect finishing touch to lots of savory dishes, after all, who wants something safe and bland when you can have an exciting blast of heat on your palate? Not enough people realize, however, that chilli is also a perfect addition to cake mixture. Use the basic cake ingredients of plain flour, butter and eggs but add a little chilli powder to it. Be sparing with the chilli, as just a small amount is needed to lift a cake from the ordinary to the extraordinary. If you wish you can add a few fresh chillis to the decoration on top of the cake, for those brave people who are ready for a sweet treat that really lasts in the memory.


Beets are becoming an increasingly popular addition to cakes and those who've tried a beet infused cake will soon see why. They add both color and flavor, and their natural sweetness means that you can even reduce the sugar content in a cake if you use beets as an alternative. If you're asking what does beetroot taste like, it has an earthy yet complex flavor like no other, and it has a high intensity punch that elevates anything it appears alongside. Beets have long been a salad favorite, but we think they're even more suited to a role within a chocolate cake. Delicious red velvet cake was originally colored with beets, although food colorings are often used now. As always in food, the natural ingredient produces much better results than the artificial one.

Rose Petals

Few things in nature look more beautiful than a wild growing rose, and their scent provides another sensory delight. Their winning qualities don't stop there, as they can also be used to add a sophisticated twist to your cakes. To make a perfect rose cake you'll need to use the flower in two different ways: add rose water to the mix itself and the finished cake will have a beautiful aroma and a delicate taste that's sure to be appreciated. You can then add rose petals to the top of the cake; don't worry, all rose petals are edible and they have a slightly sweet fruit-like taste.

Adding chilli, beets or rose water and petals to a cake can take your home baking to the next level, and it's sure to impress your family or house guests. A little can go a long way with these ingredients, but you'll soon discover just how much to add to get the best possible result. The only problem can be ensuring that there's a slice left for the baker after you've passed the plate around.

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