Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Much Needed DIY Tasks to Set Yourself This Spring

Okay, so you know it’s time to start ‘thinking’ about spring cleaning, but if you are like most people, thinking is as far as it gets. Why? There’s a simple explanation. It isn’t that you are lazy, and it isn’t because you don’t value a fresh, clean smelling home. It’s because you just know you will come across all those little DIY repairs you have been neglecting since last spring – or was it the spring before? It’s time to get out the rubber gloves, cleaning supplies and a bottle of vitamin water. Here are at least 3 DIY tasks you really must set for yourself this spring.

Start with the Gutters

Before even looking at the inside of your house, you need to consider the kind of weather spring usually brings. Do you remember that old saying, “April showers bring May flowers?” If you don’t tend to those gutters which have probably collected the last remnants of falling leaves and a few branches which fell during heavy ice storms, you could be in for a nasty surprise. The weight will create rips and tears which can lead to water leaking down and into the walls. If you don’t want rotten structural timbers, and goodness only knows how much black mold, make sure your gutters are clean and in good repair. Now you can safely turn to the interior of your home. You can find DIY gutter repair instructions here.

Declutter Cabinets, Cupboards, Pantries and Drawers

If you leave this until last, you know you will never get it done, so why not begin with a hated task. After you’ve gotten rid of everything which is out of date or you will never use, it’s time to clean and paint or line those cabinets and drawers. This is an easy DIY task you can set for yourself this spring and even minor cracks in drawers can be seamlessly repaired with laser bonding plastics that only need a bit of UV radiation to dry. If you aren’t sure which product to use, since there are several on the market, check out gradedreviews.com to see which brands come highly recommended.

Don’t Stop at Washing Walls and Baseboards

Most homeowners will wash walls, especially in the kitchen and dining areas in the spring when the windows can be opened to help them dry quickly. All the smoke and grease from cooking over the winter months when the home was closed up to keep the cold and drafts out has turned those lovely white walls into a nasty shade of beige. After you’ve washed them to remove the greasy buildup, give them a coat or two of latex paint to bring them up to a sparklingly clean white. You may even want to use wallpaper on the bottom and install a chair rail for a classic appeal.

These are all easy-to-manage and much-needed DIY tasks you should set for yourself this spring. Of course, you will launder or dry clean all your draperies and linens, but that can be done any time of year. It’s spring after all and time to do a bang-up job if you want to have a home you can enjoy in the light of summer.

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