Friday, 25 May 2018

How to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle In Your Children

Children who have a healthy lifestyle from an early age will often become healthy adults too, and that can bring huge benefits for decades to come. Of course, as a parent, you will be in the best position to ensure your children have a fit and healthy lifestyle, and it can be easier than you might think. There are many unhealthy temptations for our children, from lifestyle choices to the things they eat and drink, but sometimes little changes can make a big difference.

Become a More Active Family

Gaming technology has advanced hugely in recent days, so that we can now play sophisticated games on our mobile phones and tablets, as well as on dedicated games consoles. Such games can be particularly attractive to children, which is why young people across America are spending more time sat down, with their eyes on a screen, than ever before. The effects of this sedentary lifestyle are plain to see, but as a parent you can change this lifestyle for the better by encouraging your kids to indulge in family activities such as nature walks, or in family friendly sports such as soccer and swimming. Children are more likely to continue these healthy activities if they are fun and taking part in activities as a family unit is a great way to achieve this.

Drink Water Rather Than Sugary Drinks

Most of us realize that fizzy drinks with high sugar content are bad for our children’s teeth and waistlines, but drinks containing natural fruit juice can be just as bad. They also usually have excessive amounts of sugars, and they can ruin a child’s appetite if they drink them before meals. The healthiest drink for children and adults alike is water, especially when it’s been filtered to remove any impurities. There are water filters available to suit all budgets and all family sizes, and specialist websites such as even show you how to make your own water filters.

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Nutrition experts say that we should eat between five and seven portions of fruit and vegetables every day, but we all know the lure that junk food can hold for children. The key to encouraging kids to eat healthily is to find fruit and vegetables that they like or to hide fruit and vegetable content among other foodstuffs that you know they love. This also ensures that they get all the vitamins that a growing body and mind needs, and a love of greens gained in childhood will often continue throughout their lives. Of course, it goes without saying that sweets should be rationed too and allowed as a treat rather than an everyday item, but fruits such as bananas can make a good sweet substitute.

Drinking filtered water instead of juice and fizzy drinks, eating more fruit and vegetables and engaging in fun family activities will help your children control their weight and become fitter. Fit and healthy children are often happier too, and they’ll have more energy which will allow them to concentrate more at school. Encouraging your children to adopt a healthier lifestyle could be the best gift you ever give them.

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