Thursday, 31 May 2018

How to Tell When You Need a New Mattress

It was bound to happen eventually. Over time, your mattress takes a beating. All those long [and too often short] nights on your mattress have worn it down and it is now on its last legs. It had to happen at some point, but the trouble with mattresses is that it can be hard to tell when they need replacing.

Not everybody is aware of the immediate warning signs, and many Americans are sleeping on mattresses which are long past their prime. So, how can you tell when it’s time to chuck your old mattress out and invest in a new one? Here, we are going to be looking at three tell-tale signs that it’s time to go mattress shopping.

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#1: You’re Waking Up in Pain

If you are constantly waking up with pain in your joints or lower back, you shouldn’t immediately put it down to your age. Waking up with pains in key areas is a sure-fire sign that your mattress is no longer supporting your body throughout the night.

As time goes by, your mattress loses its ability to support your body’s most sensitive areas and this can trigger mild pain which lingers after you have woken up. If waking up with aches and pains is becoming a common theme to your mornings, perhaps it is time to test out a new mattress and see if they start to fade away.

#2: It’s Lumpy

If your mattress just looks plain sad, that’s not a good sign! Lumpy, saggy mattresses which have bodily impressions all over them are no good for you. Although you may have slept in the same position for the past ten years and your body has permanently imprinted your favorite sleeping position into the mattress, this will do no good for your body.

If you have lumps, bumps or impressions which are deeper than an inch, you need to be on your way down the shops to pick a new mattress up pronto!

#3: You’re Sneezing

Over time, your mattress also picks up lots of dirt, grime and household allergens. If you are finding yourself sneezing and itching whenever you go to bed, you are probably having a reaction to your mattress. Using mattress protectors can help this, but it’s the lazy man’s solution and does not rectify the problem in the long-term.

Although you can clean a mattress, ten or more years’ worth of sleeping takes its toll and you will never get it back to the point it was when you had just purchased it.

Many people are unwittingly sleeping on mattresses which are unsuitable for their bodies, as they have been worn out over time. Although it isn’t immediately obvious when you need a new mattress, there are some tell-tale signs which indicate that it’s time for an upgrade. 

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