Monday, 28 May 2018

Strategies for Attracting Customers to Your Interior Design Business

Interior design is a fun business to be in, but it’s also very competitive. You have to be able to stand apart from the rest and make a name for yourself amidst all the other talented home decorators out there.

You need to ramp up your marketing efforts and come up with strategies for attracting the right type of customers to your business. You can’t rely on you simply hoping and wishing they’ll come across your work and want to connect with you. Keep in mind that after you bring people onboard, you want to have ways of maintaining their business in the future and encouraging them to make recommendations on your behalf.

Put Together A Portfolio of your Work

When you’re in the interior design business, you especially need to be able to provide potential customers with visuals of your work. Homeowners don’t want to have to guess what the final product is going to look like when investing their hard-earned money in these types of upgrades. Put together a portfolio and images you can show interested parties when you meet with them and be able to explain how and why you came up with each solution for that specific client.

Keep their Information Secure

People want to know they’re doing business with a company that respects their privacy and information. Should you run into any issues and need to retrieve your lost customer data then contact a company like Secure Data Recovery in your area to help you get it back painlessly. The last situation you want is to have to notify your clients that you’ve been careless and have misplaced all of their personal data and information.

Run Special Promotions

Attract new customers to your interior design business by running special offers and promotions. People are always curious to learn more when it involves them saving money or getting free products in return for their commitment to you. Make them limited time offers, so customers are encouraged to want to act fast and put down a deposit. Be smart about where and how often you advertise, so you’re getting in front of the specific audience you ultimately want to contact you.

Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows are especially relevant and beneficial to you because you can display your work and answer any questions immediately. Be willing to travel around town showcasing and talking up your business so you can secure a long list of new customers and have a successful company. Be sure to not only network and engage in conversation, but also collect personal information so you can follow up individually after the event. This is the most important step in the sales process, so don’t be lazy about getting back in touch.


Growing your interior design business will require you to put yourself out there and attract new customers. Use these tips to help get you started on your journey to building a solid book of business. Keep in mind this is a process and will take time, so remain patient and diligent as you continue to put yourself out there.

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