Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Unusual Jobs that Pay Well for Saving Up a Home Deposit

Not every job involves a predictable 9-5 role where every day seems like Groundhog Day all over again. Plenty of well-paid jobs allow you to put away money towards a deposit for a home while offering an alternative to the boring and predictable working life.

Here are some unusual jobs that pay well enough to save:


The job of a welder is one where you get to put objects together or fix machinery that have seen better days, so it can last another season. There’s specialist equipment like a helmet, gloves and other protective gear needed that you can check out on Weldinglist.Com. It’s a job that pays $15-30 per hour. How efficient you are at the job partly determines how many hours you’ll get each week.

Cruise Ship Entertainment

Do you sing, dance or can tell jokes on stage? If you have a routine that would go down a treat on a cruise liner, then consider becoming an on-board entertainer. Alternatively, entertainers need a production staff to support their setups, so seek out a cruise line entertainer if you have experience in this area. A good singer on a cruise can make upwards of $4,000+ per month and it’s a steady gig.

Of course, you get to see the same ports as the cruise ship travelers too. Just be careful about your spending both on land and on-board because the passengers are in free-spending vacation mode but you’re not!

Bounty Hunter

Thanks to the long line of criminals going in and out of the court system, there are many bail bondsmen and bounty hunters tasked with tracking down people who’ve skipped town. Not showing up for a court hearing leads to a recovery agent, aka a bounty hunter, being tasked with the job of tracking them down.

Successful retrieval of a perp leads to predictable payment for each successful capture. The longer you work as a bounty hunter in the local area, the more contacts you develop and the better you’ll be able to do your job. Earning 5-6 figures a year is not uncommon.

Turbine Technician

A turbine technician works on the huge wind turbines that are setup in designated fields in a neat row. While the system runs without many staff on-hand, a technician often must travel out to each location to attend to a malfunctioning turbine or to service one. Being a good self-starter, able to work unsupervised, and preferring outdoor life are good attributes here. Annual salaries are around $50,000.

Ghost Writer for Dating Profiles

No one would have believed a few years ago that a writer could get paid for penning personals, but that’s essentially what’s possible now. For people who can create an attractive selfie with clever use of image-enhancing filters, but who lack the penmanship to write a dating profile that catches as much attention as their profile photo does, they can hire a dating profile ghostwriter. Writing in your PJs is possible too.

What job are you doing that allows you to save money for a home? Do you have some suggestions to add to this list? Please let us know.

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