Monday, 4 June 2018

Gift Suggestions for a Baby Shower

Baby showers are meant to celebrate the expected arrival of a newborn. While the occasion is for both mother and baby, it is has little to do with the mother and more with the baby. That’s why it will be inappropriate to show up with a 6-pack of your favorite beer. Choosing gifts is not always an easy task. That shouldn’t however be an excuse for showing up empty-handed at a baby shower. If you are clueless about what to carry with you, these gift suggestions will get you sorted….

Gifts you put your time and heart into

Nothing speaks love than putting your time into something. That’s why handmade gifts customized to the receipts preferences will always come out tops. If you are skilled in knitting, make hats, blankets, cardigans, etc., for the baby. Adding a special message on it makes it even lovelier. If you are a relation to the mother-to-be, dig in the archives and find something they wore as a baby that is still in a good condition to be passed over. This will invoke memories of her childhood and help her bond better with her baby.

Things a first-time mom wouldn’t do without

If she is a first time mother, chances are that she doesn’t know everything she’ll need for herself and the baby. If you are experienced in parenting, you don’t need to sit them down and tell them what is needed. Get them instead. Such necessities include emergency medical supplies, baby toiletries, changing bag, baby painkillers, and nail clippers for babies and so on. Baby safety is paramount, so you can check Knifeista.Com for kitchen safety and knife storage gift suggestions.

Mom and baby treats

Most moms-to-be rarely get a moment to relax before the baby is born, and some even after. A fully-paid time off after delivery would be very welcome. It gives the mother time to bond with her baby without any distractions in the way. Presenting her with a prepaid ticket during the baby shower, even if just for a weekend away, would really go a long way.

Baby beddings

Beddings for the baby such as blankets are also welcome. Get beddings made from materials that are warm and comfortable, in the mother’s favorite colors. Some stores even offer to have them personalized. Unless you are sure of the baby’s gender and name, it is not advisable to have names printed on them. This is not your opportunity to suggest baby names.


From baby books to parenting books, books are gift that are timeless and will always offer learning opportunities. Not everyone is into books though, so while books for the baby are welcome, get something else for the mother is she isn’t books. It doesn’t hurt to ask before you buy. If they like the idea, ask them which read they would prefer. Not every gift has to be a surprise.


Gift vouchers are for when you are totally clueless about what to get, or is unsure about the mother’s needs. Just give them the vouchers and let them spend it on what they deem necessary. You can add on it a voucher to the studio for the first month after birth, so that the mother is sure to have lasting memories of when her newborn had just come into her life.

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