Friday, 2 November 2018

Top 10 UK blogs to follow in 2018

Blogging has become a big business, and they are an incredibly useful resource for those looking for news, views and advice in almost any area. No matter what your own interests are, you can be sure that there is a blog out there that is ideally suited to you. Finding the best blogs is quite challenging, however, and with a huge number of blog posts and web pages to sort through, it can be difficult to find exactly what you're looking for. This list of Top 10 UK blogs covers everything from sports and weddings to cars and movies, and no matter your subjects of interest, you can be sure that these UK blogs are the best quality resources for everything that you need.

1: Car Throttle

It has been dubbed the ‘Buzzfeed for cars’, but don’t let that put you off! This is a very real online community that has millions of car enthusiasts using the blog as a source to share their thoughts and views on the latest vehicle news. With quality videos and the freshest news coverage of everything in the car world, Car Throttle is ideal for those who like to keep updated on everything motor related.

2: Flickering Myth

If you love all things movie inspired, then you’re going to love Flickering Myth. Covering everything from arthouse films to superhero blockbusters, this blog should be your first stop when it comes to finding out the latest news about the silver screen. Flickering Myth has a very large online following as well, creating a community that makes it easier than ever to discuss the latest cinema offerings.

3: Creative Bloq

For the more creative people, one UK blog that is definitely worth bookmarking is Creative Bloq. This site is invaluable for designers and is a fantastic combination of advice, tips, and inspiration. Covering everything from new technologies to camera tips and coloring pencils, Creative Bloq is ideal for artists and designers of any level.

4: Inthefrow

For fashion fans, there are way too many lackluster blogs filled with bad advice and regurgitated content. That’s why Inthefrow has become one of the most influential fashion blogs on the web. With links to Glamour Magazine and L’Oreal, anyone with an interest in fashion is well advised to make a visit to Inthefrow a part of their daily news.

5: Rated People

This blog truly is a great resource for those looking for a wealth of ideas on home improvements. Packed with advice on every possible home improvement topic you can think of; Rated People is also a great resource for finding the professional tradespeople that can help you tackle those more difficult jobs too. Perfect for both amateurs and those with a little more experience, Rated People is one of the most comprehensive home improvement blogs on the internet.

6: Caroline Hirons

For beauty tips and advice, Caroline Hirons is a website that is jammed full of reviews and suggestions for better make-up. Plus, with quality skincare tips and a regularly uploaded vlog that is both fun and informative, the Caroline Hirons blog is one of the best fashion resources available.

7: Rock My Wedding

If you're planning a wedding, you definitely need to be aware of Rock My Wedding. Widely considered to be the most influential brand in the wedding industry, Rock My Wedding has over 1.3 million social media followers, and they even have a book that is an absolute must-have for anyone planning their special day.

8: Geeky Gadgets

It isn’t easy finding the best gadget blogs, but if you want to know all about the latest technologies, then Geeky Gadgets is an essential follow. Covering software, hardware, and gadgets, this UK blog has firmly established itself as a leading authority for those wanting the latest gadget or looking for up to the minute tech news.

9: Amuse Your Bouche

There are a plethora of vegetarian blogs available online, but Amuse Your Bouche holds a unique place in the blogging landscape. The recipes are easy to make and the ingredients are very easy to source. With simplicity as the guiding principle, vegetarians should always look for inspiration at this popular blog.

10: GeekTown

With a network of contributors, GeekTown is the number one site for news about gaming, comics, and even geeky clothing. With an easy reading style and a commitment to providing the best coverage for all things geek in the UK, GeekTown is well worth investigating for all of your needs.

If you’ve been looking for some new blogs to follow, then these top 10 are a good starting point. Look for the blogs that suit your interests, and you’ll open yourself up to a whole new resource for your favorite hobbies or interests.

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