Friday, 8 March 2019

Dreaming About Luxury Real Estate in France

What is it about France that has us dreaming of romantic luxury? From its beautiful beaches to its delicious cuisine and famous landmarks, France is representative of European elegance.

If you were to buy a property in France, which of its many beautiful locations would you pick?
Here is where we dream of one day becoming owners of a stunning property.

The French Riviera

Imagine if you were to buy a luxury villa for sale in the French Riviera. Not only would it be the perfect vacation spot, you would live in absolute luxury in one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

The French Riviera is the Mediterranean coast of southern France, known for being an exclusive area attracting some of the most famous and wealthy people in the world.

Its beautiful blue waters attract millions of tourists, particularly those interested in yachting and cruising.

Plus, it has beautiful weather, enjoying over 310 days of sunshine per year. It’s the perfect place to enjoy life.

Here, you could buy an exquisite seafront villa, a luxury apartment, a French chateaux and even vineyard properties.

Imagine enjoying some delicious French wine while sitting on your porch and looking out into the Mediterranean landscape.

Truly the French dream.


If its culture and the quiet life that attracts you most, Provence could be a wonderful place for you.
Sitting in Southern France, it borders on the Rhone River to the west and Italian border to the east, with an always stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

It’s a culturally-rich area of France with a distinct linguistic and cultural identity to the rest of the country, making it historically unique.

The most exclusive luxury villas are for sale in Provence, with a rich choice of settings including homes in the midst of Luberon regional park, hilltop manors, wide vineyards and even homes among rocks and mountains.

There’s nothing quite like the serene landscapes of Provence, especially if you can enjoy them in a quaint but elegant property.


Of course, no conversation on luxurious real estate in France can leave out Paris.
As the capital city of France, Paris boasts an ever-exciting city life with a strong French culture, exquisite cuisine and of course, shopping.

Exclusive properties in Paris may be smaller or closer to neighbors than in the Southern regions of the country, but it makes it up for it through its location and prestigious benefits.

A luxury penthouse with views of Paris’ landmarks or a romantic apartment by the Seine River will have you inspired by the eternal romance of the city.

After all, living so centrally in the city of lights is quite the adventure!

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