Sunday, 17 July 2016

Don't Make these Mistakes When it Comes to Looking After Your Garden!

Keeping on top of your garden can be hard in the 21st century. We are so busy with life and sorting out the rest of the home that the backyard is often ignored. But we need to get out there to make sure it looks fantastic. Here are some mistakes people make when it comes to looking after their garden!

Not making it low maintenance

One mistake people make when it comes to their garden is not making it low maintenance. They think it’s a great idea to plant so many different flowers, but then they struggle to have time to look after them. You need to consider how much time you have to spend in the garden before planting anything that requires a lot of maintenance. A lot of people are having artificial grass installed in their garden. It means you don’t have to tend to real grass, and you can often choose turf that looks like natural grass. You can read more about the benefits of getting artificial grass in our previous blog. If you do want to plant flowers and have real grass, you may want to hire a gardener to keep on top of it.

Not getting a landscaper in

Another mistake people make when it comes to their garden is not considering getting a landscaper in. They will do a professional job which will look great, and people often regret not getting one to transform their garden. If you have a small garden, they will be able to revamp it so that you are utilizing the garden. You can contact many companies about their landscaping services to find out more. They will come out and plan with you how to make your garden look perfect.

Not getting rid of pests quick enough

You also don’t want to make the mistake of not getting rid of pests quick enough. Pests such as slugs will eat your plants during the night, and they aren’t easy to spot. You need to make efforts to get rid of them sooner rather than later. They hate coffee granules and salt, so if you place these around your plants, they will stay away. You can also make a spray such as a pepper spray which will also send them scurrying away. You need to do it quickly. Otherwise, they could soon be infested in your garden.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Why Versatility is Something to Prize in the Home

Versatility sometimes gets short shrift from people, and it's really unfair when it does. Think of phrases like "Jack of all trades, master of none". There are others, usually a little bit ruder than that, which underline that, while we way prize our versatility, others do not. The knock goes that being competent at a range of things covers for the fact that we're not great at anything.

The best response to this is, of course, Leonardo da Vinci. He could paint a bit, and he was also an incredible sculptor. Oh, and he was a designer and an engineer too. He was each of these things to a higher level of competence than most of his contemporaries were at any of them. So the next time someone calls you versatile in an attempt to damn you with faint praise, give them your best Mona Lisa smile.

Furniture that is versatile also comes in for this kind of snobbery. The thinking behind that seems to come from the idea that, unless it is bespoke for a specific purpose, it's a mishmash. But here are some reasons why that's balderdash.

The Sofa Bed

All of the best social occasions go on that little bit beyond when it's practical to go home. As such, sometimes your evening's visitors will become overnight visitors. Now, they could just sleep on the sofa or the floor, but only if they want to spend the next day wincing every time they turn around. A sofa bed that folds out quickly and easily means a good night's sleep can follow a good night.

The Futon

A word of warning: While the word itself and the concept come from Japan, most of what you'll find for sale elsewhere isn't in the strictest sense a futon. A typical Japanese futon actually consists of a mattress and a duvet. What you'll find at Love The Sign and other retailers, featuring a wooden bed frame, is certainly portable and comfortable. They fold up into a low chair which is perfect for lounging on a lazy day.

Storage Furniture

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Identifying Items Taking Up Space in Your Home, and What to Do Next!

When it comes to our homes, we are very good at collecting items to put inside it. However, we are nowhere near as good as getting rid of things that we no longer need or want!

For this reason, it would be wise to take a day or two to do a clear out. This consists of identifying items taking up space in your home. Doing so has multiple benefits. It frees up space for things you actually need and want. It makes for a healthier home because removing these things means they are not collecting dust and other allergens. Plus, in some cases, you may be able to make money from these items, or make money for charity.

First up, let’s look at three categories you want to look out for. These are unnecessary items, broken items and misused items.

Unnecessary items 

First of all, unnecessary items. We’ve all been guilty of buying things that we have the best intentions of using, but never actually do! This might be a hat stand that never has any hats on it. Or a slow cooker that just sits in a corner gathering dust.

Broken items

Next up, broken items. Let’s be honest, we all have something in our home that is broken. Yet we keep hold of it! Maybe we can’t bear to let it go, or are planning on fixing it [one day]. Well, if you have kept hold it for a few months and haven’t fixed it by now? You’re probably never going too!

Misused items

Category three are items that could be useful, if only you were using them and what they offered properly. Bookshelves are the ideal example of this. Rather than keeping our books neatly organised in the correct way, we let them stack up all mish-mashed.

So, now you’ve identified your three categories, let’s look at what you can do with the items you find within each.



Really can’t bear to throw it out? Then fix it! Motivate yourself to do it by taking it out of hiding and putting it right where you can see it!

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