Monday, 12 September 2016

5 Tips for Painting Your Nursery

Maybe you have a baby on the way, or maybe your little one is finally ready for their own room, but it’s time for a nursery makeover! Decorating a nursery is a fun but sometimes daunting task, but doing something as simple as painting the walls can really liven up the space and add a bit of personality. Here are my top 5 tips for painting a nursery!

Think Practically

Deep, matte walls might be chic and sophisticated for an adult’s bedroom, but when you’re painting an area prone to spills, drawings, and any number of adorable but destructive things, a paint with glossier coverage is best, as it’s easier to clean.

Make sure you choose a paint with low/no VOC, or Volatile Organic Compounds, as these aren’t safe for babies or young children to be around. If you’ve fallen in love with a colour that contains VOCs, ask someone at the paint store to colour match it for you.

Quick and Easy Solutions

If you’re strapped for time when decorating your baby’s room, why not try an accent wall rather than painting the whole room? This not only saves time, but it's also more cost effective, and will add visual interest to your plain white walls. You can even find patterned paint rollers, which add a beautiful touch to your walls without having to add coat upon coat of paint.

And if you’ve been putting off painting and now the baby’s almost here, there’s no shame in hiring a professional to do it for you. Hiring a local painter not only stops you from being on your feet as much, but puts more time in your hands to get other things done!

Colour Theory

The colours you choose to paint a baby’s room are important. You want something calming that inspires relaxation, and it’s even better if you can choose a colour that can look good for years to come! You might be into super bright reds or oranges, but try to use those colours as accents rather than to paint the entire room. Calming colours like greens and blues are nice choices for a nursery, and neutrals like beige or grey are great, although white can be a bit too blinding, and isn’t very stain-proof. If you don’t want to give up on the brights, try painting the walls grey and adding a bright pattern to them instead!

Inspire Learning

Instead of painting patterns on your wall, inspire learning by painting their name, the alphabet, or even things like the solar system! If you’re feeling daring and have a lot of time on your hands, you could even paint the nursery in a wildlife theme and include animals!

Have Fun

You may be super into modern, sleek, neutral style; but don’t be afraid to have fun with your child’s nursery! Babies love visual interest, and it helps stimulate their growing minds, so don’t be afraid of patterns, prints, or texture.

I hope you enjoy creating a beautiful and fun space for your child to grow, and that these tips have helped you with the great task of painting a nursery.

Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone dear to you who has recently moved into a new house or apartment? If so, there are many options available that are certain to be perfect for this special occasion. Below are some of these options.

Indoor Furniture

When someone moves into a new home, adding new furniture is one of their main concerns. This is where you can help. Seating, tables, dining sets and storage items for dining rooms, sitting rooms, bedrooms and other widely used areas of a home are the most in-demand furniture items that new homeowners require. Furniture specialists like Danetti provide a wide range of different types of modern furniture to suit all types of décor and tastes.

Outdoor Furniture and Outdoor Features

Furniture is not only required inside a home but is also needed in the garden, patio or yard area of a property. Seating, tables and ornaments are just some of the outdoor features that will be really appreciated by friends or family members who have moved into their new abode. Like indoor furniture, these are practical gifts that will last a long time.

Cooking Appliances and Tools

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in most homes and there are a wide range of gift ideas to choose from. Cooking appliances and kitchen tools such as ovens, knife sets, food preparation devices, juicers, blenders and coffee makers are useful kitchen gifts that will be used regularly, for many years to come.

Vouchers and Gift Cards

Some homeowners are more difficult to buy for than others. If this is the case, vouchers or a gift card for a certain store are the perfect solution. This gives the gift recipient the option to buy an item or items they really want for their new home, rather than settling for a gift you mistakenly thought they wanted.

Flowers, Plants and Accessories

You can add a touch of nature to a home by purchasing a wide range of plants or flowers. A huge number of planters, pots and flower boxes make this type of gift even more special and valuable. This type of gift can be added to the inside or outside of your home, depending on the type of product you buy.


The floors in a new home are often bare and buying a rug or rugs is one of the best ways to solve this problem. A wide range of rugs are available in various sizes and made from a wide range of materials that are perfect for all types of sitting rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. However, it’s a good idea to ask the recipient what style and type of rug they want, so that it matches the décor of the room it will be placed in.

Choosing a house warming gift is not as difficult as it may seem. Most new homeowners need a wide range of items and you will be doing them a huge favour by purchasing one of the many practical gifts mentioned above.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Top Tips to Add a Touch of Luxury to Any Room

Playing interior designer for the day is always fun. But some of us need a little more help than others.
You might have kept things pared back from now on if minimalism is more your style. But some rooms scream out for a little indulgence. Any baroque-inspired architecture or extravagant fireplaces are complemented by more luxurious home décor.

This doesn’t need to come at an unreasonable price, though! We’ve picked out some easy ways for you to add instant luxury to any room.

Add statement lighting

Switch out your dull old lampshade for an elegant chandelier or other crystal-encrusted design. As they catch the light, chandeliers will scatter light beautifully across the room, opening up the whole space. Use websites like this as a starting point for your new glittering light:

Embellish your bedside table

This might sound a bit of a strange suggestion, but it really works. Making a surface such as your bedside table the focus point of a room means you can build upon it with accessories. Mirror surfaces and metallic are practically synonymous with decadence, so focus on these. Frame all your photos in stunning mirror frames. Hold all your plants in geometric, metallic plant pots. And scatter gold, bronze or silver candle holders all over.


Add irresistible scents

When your room smells delicious, it instantly creates a different impression to a room that smells a little bit damp or stuffy. Line your room with luxurious scented candles or rich incense. Woody and vanilla notes ooze the ultimate class and will keep you feeling relaxed day in, day out. Any guests will appreciate the amount of care and pride you take in your room – they will probably treat it better when they visit too!

Add a sateen throw or bedsheet

Sateen is a word that probably sounds fancier than it actually is. It is simply a fabric that is super soft, luxuriously lightweight and has a premium appeal. It also looks a lot more expensive than it actually is! A rich gold or silver silk or satin throw will leave your room looking like it belongs in a historic castle. Layer on your sheet or throw with a plain white duvet cover and white pillows. Then add a mixture of smaller plain white and gold cushions to create the ultimate impact.


An art deco mirror

Adding an intricately engraved mirror to any room will stop visitors in their tracks. Go for a supersized mirror to open up your room and make it feel bigger and brighter. This trick works particularly well if you have a fireplace, or one plain wall, which you can prop your mirror up on. As before, it’s best to go for a metallic style such as gold or bronze for maximum decadence.

Now, you have yourself a room fit for a king. All there is left to do is rest your head on your soft new sheets and appreciate your amazing interior design work.

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