Tuesday, 13 March 2018

How to Make Your Living Room More Homely

A house or apartment is a necessity of modern life, but by adding a few personal touches and an upgrade or two, you can turn a house into a home that you and your family will treasure. The most important room of all is your living room, after all that's where you will relax at the end of a busy day, it's a place to entertain guests and a place to simply snuggle up with the ones you love. Supercharging your living room doesn't have to be expensive and these three little touches will make it more homely than ever before.

Add Mirrors for a Touch of Class

A mirror is one of the most functional of household items, but it can also be one of the most spectacular. The first glass mirrors are believed to date from the first century A.D. and originated in Lebanon, but they've certainly come a long way since then. Mirrors add light to the room, which can be especially useful in a living room environment, and they're also perfect for smaller rooms as they can create the illusion of more space. There are mirrors to suit all budgets and all tastes, from ornate mirrors that wouldn't look out of place at the Palace of Versailles to ultra-modern minimalist mirrors. No living room is complete without one.

Turning a Living Room into an Entertainment Center

Going to the movies is great, especially if it's on a date with your other half, but over time it can be expensive, and that's without taking into account the cost of transport, popcorn and soda. It's little wonder that more and more Americans are choosing to watch movies at home, whether that means looking up the latest smash hit on Netflix or re-watching a much loved Blue Ray or DVD. To really get a movie theater experience, you need a high-quality home entertainment system, and the good news is that they are becoming increasingly affordable. Your living room is the perfect location for a large screen and surround sound speakers, and if you have children they'll love to use it with their consoles as well.

Reliable Warmth Whenever You Want It

There's nothing like inviting friends over on a cold winter night and sharing a drink and a gossip in your warm, cozy living room. It's a fact that warm rooms are perceived as more welcoming, which is why it's worth investing in a fireplace that's reliable, attractive and economical. The best electric fire places meet all these criteria, and with a touch of a button, warmth will radiate across the living room. If you're living a greener lifestyle, the latest energy efficient electric fireplaces could be just what you're looking for.

There are so many ways to transform a living room from something adequate to something spectacular, but adding mirrors, a new fireplace and a high-tech television system are sure to bring an improvement that everyone appreciates. You've worked hard to get the home you want, so why settle for an average living room? Transform your living room today and be the envy of your house guests.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Unusual Additions to a Cake That Taste Just Great

There's nothing tastier or more satisfying than a homemade cake, whether it's a traditional chocolate cake, Victoria sponge, Black Forest gateaux or Mississippi mud pie. Of course, with their high sugar and fat content they're not something you should eat every day, but as an occasional treat for you and your family, they just can't be beaten. One of the great things about making your own cake is that you can add your own ingredients and create something unique, and it's often the most unexpected ingredients that give us the most sublime tasting cake.


Chilli powder adds a perfect finishing touch to lots of savory dishes, after all, who wants something safe and bland when you can have an exciting blast of heat on your palate? Not enough people realize, however, that chilli is also a perfect addition to cake mixture. Use the basic cake ingredients of plain flour, butter and eggs but add a little chilli powder to it. Be sparing with the chilli, as just a small amount is needed to lift a cake from the ordinary to the extraordinary. If you wish you can add a few fresh chillis to the decoration on top of the cake, for those brave people who are ready for a sweet treat that really lasts in the memory.


Beets are becoming an increasingly popular addition to cakes and those who've tried a beet infused cake will soon see why. They add both color and flavor, and their natural sweetness means that you can even reduce the sugar content in a cake if you use beets as an alternative. If you're asking what does beetroot taste like, it has an earthy yet complex flavor like no other, and it has a high intensity punch that elevates anything it appears alongside. Beets have long been a salad favorite, but we think they're even more suited to a role within a chocolate cake. Delicious red velvet cake was originally colored with beets, although food colorings are often used now. As always in food, the natural ingredient produces much better results than the artificial one.

Rose Petals

Few things in nature look more beautiful than a wild growing rose, and their scent provides another sensory delight. Their winning qualities don't stop there, as they can also be used to add a sophisticated twist to your cakes. To make a perfect rose cake you'll need to use the flower in two different ways: add rose water to the mix itself and the finished cake will have a beautiful aroma and a delicate taste that's sure to be appreciated. You can then add rose petals to the top of the cake; don't worry, all rose petals are edible and they have a slightly sweet fruit-like taste.

Adding chilli, beets or rose water and petals to a cake can take your home baking to the next level, and it's sure to impress your family or house guests. A little can go a long way with these ingredients, but you'll soon discover just how much to add to get the best possible result. The only problem can be ensuring that there's a slice left for the baker after you've passed the plate around.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

5 Easy Ways to Save on Your HVAC Bill

Whether it’s intolerable summer nights spent rolling around in bed, or freezing winter evenings, adjusting and retaining the temperature in your house can be difficult. Luckily, some of us have air conditioners and central air to save the day. These can be a godsend, but they can also run up your energy bills as well. Here are five easy ways you can save on these costs.

Increase Efficiency Using Plants

Though it may seem unnecessary to do anything else other than installing your AC, you can actually boost its efficiency by surrounding your home with plants.

As most of the heat inside a house comes from the sun shining in through the windows and beating down upon the roof, surrounding these areas with shrubbery is a good way of increasing the efficiency of your AC. A 15- 20-foot tree over your windows will diminish the amount of sunlight and heat that penetrates the house. This could be especially beneficial if that happens to be the room where the AC is located in.

Adjust Your Thermostat When Not At Home

A good standard setting for your AC should be 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This, of course, can be adjusted on very hot or cold days, but in general, you should be comfortable at this temperature. However, keeping the thermostat at this temperature could push up your energy bill.

At night, if you’re not too hot, and especially when you’re not at home, either turn the AC off or bring down the temperature. This will allow you save you 5-15 percent on bills.

Go Online For Help

It is always a pain when the AC breaks and needs to be replaced. Not only does this make for uncomfortable living conditions, especially if it occurs in the middle of summer or winter, but it can mean expensive repair costs.

Luckily, websites such as allthingshvac.com offer a variety of articles detailing how to troubleshoot common HVAC issues. Whether it is a cooling or heating system, you can follow troubleshooting instructions and see if you can correct the issue yourself. This could save serious money you would otherwise spend on a technician.


Ensuring your AC is running smoothly and properly will help you get the best out of it and will stop fluctuations in your energy bills, as you try to push the temperature up or down in your efforts to get optimal temperatures.

Cleaning the filters of your AC is vital to its capability. Furthermore, switching to newer systems could cut your costs in half.

Don’t Forget Fans

Having both fans and AC in your home will ensure you have options in cooling down. Sometimes, pumping your AC may feel right but not be necessary. Ceiling fans can make rooms feel 10 degrees cooler, so don’t forget about them.


Using these tips will help you save on your AC bill while still staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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