Monday, 30 November 2015

Home Eco Tips That Will Save You Money

Before you put that kettle on have a think about the cost! I’m not suggesting you don’t have that refreshing cup of tea, but you could be saving money at the same time. How? Well, simply by boiling the right amount of water you need. Already you are saving energy and even money. There are lots of ways that you can become more eco friendly around the house and be more economical. All of these savings are small in themselves but they add up to a substantial amount.

Switching off Standby

Most of us are guilty of this. We walk away from our electrical items thinking they are turned off but the reality is they are still connected and costing us money! Get used to turning appliances off at the wall and plug sockets. 'Stand by' is costing you money. Ensure though that if you are recording your favorite programme, you don’t do this! It won’t record.

Is this really a dishwasher job?

Do the washing up using a bowl filled with hot water. It is cheaper than running a full cycle on most dishwashers. It is cheaper too than running a tap constantly. Get more efficient with your washing up. Plus you won't have to buy dishwasher powder.


Cut back on the amount of laundry you are doing. Try and regulate your load so you are only doing one every other day, instead of every day. Do you need to use the dryer? A washing line is a cheaper option and more eco-friendly for sure!

Heating your Home

Most of us can save money here big time, especially in the winter but in the summer too. If you have an air conditioner, get in touch with an air conditioning service. An annual service means your air conditioner will run more efficiently and be more reliable.

Turn the thermostat down by one degree. Consider having thermostats in every room and only heat the rooms you use. Check your timer setting and even use your smartphone app to regulate your heating more efficiently.


Ensure your windows and doors are draft free. Use draft excluders and ensure that your insulation is upgraded where necessary. Fit double glazing where you can.

Showering instead of bathing..

Showers use way less water than baths. If you have a family member fond of languishing in a luxurious hot tub, persuade them to have a shower instead! Even the way you shower can be made more economical. If you have a shower running directly off your hot water tank, fit a super efficient shower head. This can seriously cut down on the amount of water you are using, as well as feeling more like a power shower. Remember those time limits we self-imposed during the droughts? Well get that three-minute sign up there and abide by it!

Illuminating your eco house.

Using less power is easy with eco lights. For a start get used to turning them off when you leave a room. Switch your bulbs as they blow for LED lights. These give off great light and use way less electricity. They are simply brilliant!

All in all, you can save money and the environment by simply tweaking the way you live. It’s a win win situation all round.

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